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Have you ever wondered how students of European Union Studies are not only the most gorgeous ones at the whole university but also master their studies? How they excel in every facet of life and still graduate from one of the most demanding study programmes in Salzburg? Then look no further, the answer lies right in this text. I’m going to let you in on their secret.

Follow me if you want to live (and study in Salzburg)

This is a fact: EUS students had help. Help by an elite team of highly trained professionals. These professionals set out to gather and prepare information in a readily available document, offering solutions to all their problems. This document is called the “Survival Guide”.

The survival guide is an easy to use handbook containing necessary information for students categorized into two groups: Essential for student life at the Paris-Lodron University Salzburg as well as Essentials for Living in Austria as a student.

For example, you can find information about important contacts, like where to find the ÖH-Office or where the Examination-Office is located and many helpful tips, tricks and hints to help you save time and nerves. Furthermore, we also have included user manuals about the online platform PLUSonline, course registration and other important matters (like how to see your grades and how to compose a “proper email” to the professors).

Essentials to Living

“Essentials to Living” includes important contacts outside of the University, like the Ministry or the “Salzburger Verkehrsverbund”, which is crucial in getting around Salzburg and Austria. Additionally, we give insight into Living Costs and Scholarships. One should also not forget about our section teaching you some of the basic words and phrases in German, which will make daily chats much easier. Lastly, we show some of the exclusive benefits of being an EUS student, such as special events, student parties and Erasmus nights.


We have collected the necessary information to make the experience of studying in Salzburg a pleasant one. Especially students that come from abroad will find helpful information that makes staying in Salzburg stress-free, so you can completely shine in your studies.

Come by and get your own survival guide

This manual for new EUS students will be your “survival guide” and first reference point, containing all the info you need to find your way through student life in Salzburg and especially the Master Programme EUS.

If you liked this little sneak peek, take a look at the whole booklet. Once you have read it thoroughly you will certainly be well equipped to enjoy student life in Salzburg and successfully finish your study programme.  If you want to hold the guide physically, just pay us a visit at the Edmundsburg.

Salzburg Centre of European Union Studies

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